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Leading British Virtual Reality studio Breaking Fourth launch new VR series at world’s leading Independent film festival

  • First Episode Debuts as Part of Samsung VR Video’s Pilot Season

London, 23 April 2018: Leading London-based virtual reality studio, Breaking Fourth, today launch its new animated series, Bro Bots, exclusively for the Samsung VR Video service.

The first six-minute episode, entitled Bro Bots Go Sky High, premiered yesterday during the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival as part of Samsung VR Video’s Pilot Season. Samsung VR Video Pilot Season is a new initiative aimed at infusing exclusive, original, episodic Virtual Reality (VR) content into Samsung VR Video service, driving growth within the independent VR filmmaker community.

Bro Bots takes place in a futuristic New York City and follows two British police robots, unlikely best friends Otis and Roberto, as they solve crimes for the NYPD. In the first episode, Otis and Roberto launch a sting operation in a comedy club to try to catch super-villain Milo, but things do not go as planned.

Three additional episodes of Bro Bots are in production and will be released on the Samsung VR Video service in the coming months.

Bro Bots is created and directed by David Kaskel and Nathan Miller. “We’re thrilled to be part of Samsung’s VR Video Pilot Season. VR continues to push the boundaries of the way viewers can engage with content and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this medium.” said David Kaskel, who is also CEO & Founder of Breaking Fourth.

David added: “Consumers today not only want to watch but also engage with content. Bro Bots is an innovative and hilarious VR series that will allow everyone to do just that.”

Bro Bots Go Sky High can be viewed on Breaking Fourth’s Samsung VR channel from 23rd April 2018 onwards, here:

It can also be viewed in person from today until 28 April at the Immersive Hub during the Tribeca Film Festival and at Samsung 837, Samsung’s technology and culture hub, located at 837 Washington Street, New York City. More information including ticket info and viewing times can be found at: and

For more information on the Bro Bots series visit

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About Breaking Fourth

Breaking Fourth is a virtual reality studio founded in London in 2015 by David Kaskel and Kenneth Henderson. The studio is particularly excited by creative narratives and immersive storytelling. Breaking Fourth has produced a number of animated virtual reality productions in genres ranging from comedy to drama to music.

Critically acclaimed VR drama Ctrl was Hailed by Upload VR as “proof that VR storytelling is growing up”. Ctrl was shown at the 2016 Raindance Film Festival, at the Toronto International Film Festival’s VR section in 2016, and was nominated for a Proto Award (Best Mobile Experience) and an Audi Innovation Award. A remastered version of Ctrl was released in February 2018 on Samsung VR, Breaking Fourth’s own VR app called WARP and other platforms.

Other Breaking Fourth productions include Opinions, a space-age satirical music video performed by cabaret stars Bourgeois & Maurice, and Utopia 6, a 20-minute drama set in a dystopian city 200 years from now, where only 1% of the population qualify for citizenship. Utopia 6 was shown in 2017 at Future Play at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and at the UK International Jewish Film Festival. Later this year, Breaking Fourth will release Lucid, an animated VR drama about a woman who travels inside her comatose mother’s mind in order to re-connect with her.

By harnessing the power of presence and immersion in VR, Breaking Fourth’s talented team of writers and directors are creating unparalleled experiences which take storytelling to a whole new level. Breaking Fourth's mission is to push the boundaries of compelling high quality narrative content in VR and has seen critical success in doing so.

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