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For the past few months, we’ve been hard at work creating Bro Bots, our first animated VR series. Working in a nascent industry means that we spend a lot of time thinking about the future: what will be different, but also the unexpected patterns and repetitions of history. Since it's only a matter of time until robots rule over us all, we decided that the smart move was to create a show that would appeal to them.

Bro Bots is a cop show set in a futuristic New York City, inspired by old school cartoons. The series follows two British police robots, Otis and Roberto, as they solve crimes for the NYPD. Otis is a culture vulture, who prides himself on his impeccable taste and stylish appearance. Roberto on the other hand is an ex-military man, who likes the simple things in life. Their unlikely friendship forms the basis for a hilarious, quirky, buddy-comedy series.

The first episode, Bro Bots Go Sky High, was released exclusively on Samsung VR in April, with a further three episodes currently in production.

Creating even a short VR series requires a huge collaborative effort from our talented worldwide team. As a way of documenting the process, we created a short video to show what went on behind the scenes. We hope you enjoy watching.

Bro Bots was created in partnership with Samsung VR as part of their Pilot Season, and premiered during the Tribeca Film Festival 2018.


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