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This year at Hackney Empire in London, Breaking Fourth were invited to run a special pre-show event alongside the Un-Royal Variety Performance. In its second year, this event is a cabaret extravaganza featuring a line-up of talented artists from queer and alternative fringe theatre. For the first time ever, this line-up included one act who performed in virtual reality, Bourgeois & Maurice. Breaking Fourth were the team behind this ground-breaking event with their new production, Opinions.

Opinions is Breaking Fourth’s first music video. The song, written by cabaret superstars Bourgeois & Maurice, has been turned into a 6-minute virtual reality experience. Set inside a world completely taken over by social media, Bourgeois & Maurice lead the charge to destroy the onslaught of voices and opinions, and establish a brand new world order. Using motion capture technology, we were able to capture the essence of Bourgeois & Maurice’s stage show and bring it to life in this virtual space.

Ticket holders for the Un-Royal Variety event were able to experience Opinions in the theatre venue before the main event began. This production proved to be very popular, especially with an audience who was mostly unfamiliar with VR experiences. We hope to see this kind of VR experience alongside other theatre and live events in the future, helping to bring virtual reality to all different walks of life.

Keep up-to-date with the release of Opinions on different virtual reality platforms, and our other new productions by following us on @breaking_fourth


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