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Breaking Fourth were invited to be one of the keynote speakers and to show our VR drama, Ctrl at Artful Spark's mixed reality event at the Barbican Centre this week. This sold out event celebrates cross-discipline collaboration and boundary-defying work. With a mix of fascinating speakers and demos focusing on art and technology, we were delighted to be a part of sharing the creative possibilities of virtual reality and demonstrating the incredibly powerful experiences this new medium can deliver.

Breaking Fourth's CEO & Founder, David Kaskel spoke about the key considerations when creating virtual reality and how the London theatre world influenced and helped us take our first steps in virtual reality production. By exploring challenges such as the role that the audience plays in a virtual reality production (how are they present, why are they there, who do they represent), David shed some light on the depth of the VR production and important differences between VR and film.

Events like this are essential to offer virtual reality experiences to new audiences and to demonstrate the potential that this new medium offers. There are some great companies developing innovative VR apps in sectors such as medicine and education that are really pushing for virtual reality to become a medium of the future. We hope that through events like this, VR will be embraced by the art and entertainment world and we will soon see VR enter mainstream culture.


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