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VR Development

Richard Copperwaite


Saurav Sarkar

Music and Lyrics

Liv Morris

George Heyworth

Track produced by

Ben Humphreys

Theatre intro music from Jukedeck - create your own at

Concept Artist

Alex Stead


Environment artist

Andrew Madden

Character Artist

Carlo Bautista

Posters and Illustration

JR Fleming

Video Design

Fiorella Pierini



Bourgeois & Maurice


Kenneth Henderson

Alyssia Frankland

Created by

David Kaskel

Executive Producers

David Kaskel
Kenneth Henderson

VR Concept

Nathan Miller



Thanks to social media, anyone can now broadcast their opinions on any topic at any time of the day. A great thing in principle: freedom of speech, democracy, etc.. The problem? No one seems to have any idea what they're talking about....except Bourgeois & Maurice. These two stars of London's alternative performance scene think that they've got some pretty good opinions. And they've decided to share them with us -- whether we like it or not -- in their satirical song, "Opinions." 


Virtual reality has allowed us to perfectly capture the exaggerated, eccentric characters of Bourgeois & Maurice as portrayed in their live stage shows. "Opinions," a groundbreaking entry into the field of VR music videos, places you in the middle of a 360-degree social media world, surrounds you with a musical theatre-style "cast of thousands", and threatens you with (what else?) giant killer robots. The song, the performance, and the amazing team who worked on this production bring together some of the best that London has to offer, and we are excited to take it worldwide.


Non-interactive, seated


6 minutes

Regular Pricing: 




Release date:



Breaking Fourth

Plot description: 

Modern society is obsessed with social media. Online platforms provide us with a constant unwanted stream of other people’s opinions. What happens when it all gets too much? Cabaret superstars Bourgeois & Maurice offer us a solution in this comedy VR music video.


This music video, created and produced by Breaking Fourth, features the song Opinions by British cabaret legends Bourgeois & Maurice. Set inside a world completely taken over by social media, Bourgeois & Maurice lead the charge to destroy the onslaught of voices and opinions leaving a new very different world in it’s wake.


Bourgeois & Maurice reviews:

  • “Absurdly ingenious... Clever, spiky and humane.” ★★★★★ The Scotsman

  • “It’s hard to think of any other act delivering such clever, funny and sharp material” ★ ★ ★ ★ TimeOut

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