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Whether we originate the stories or work collaboratively with partners and clients, storytelling always comes first.


Virtual Reality offers an incredible platform for powerful, engaging, immersive storytelling.  But only if your stories are good in the first place.  We believe that great stories start with great writing, need remarkable actors, and require unique vision and dedicated direction.  We draw on exceptional London talent and continually seek to develop our internal capabilities to ensure our technical capabilities and can support and enhance the stories we tell.


David founded multiple technology and video game companies before starting Breaking Fourth in 2015.  A self-declared story junkie, he loves experiencing stories in all sorts of media—from film, tv, and theatre to computer games and comic books.  He believes that Virtual Reality offers a uniquely powerful and immersive way to tell stories today. 


Ken is a co-founder of Breaking Fourth and has been involved in all Breaking Fourth productions to date. He has a diverse professional background, ranging from finance to consulting to working for several start-ups.

WARP is Breaking Fourth’s proprietary video app for Samsung GearVR and will contain all of our released content. We aim to open this up to third parties soon to also host the best of their narrative VR productions. Watch for added functionality and for WARP to be released on other VR platforms soon!

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