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Breaking Fourth were invited this week to speak at the brand new VR event, VR Connects: London 2017, which is a VR / AR / MR event running alongside the established Pocket Gamer Connects event. With over 500 delegates in attendance, this event covered all different areas of the VR industry - from hardware manufacturers to education and entertainment content creators.

Breaking Fourth’s Co-Founder Ken Henderson and CTO Pete Short took to the stage on the first day to share our thoughts on the best way to tell stories in VR. By taking what we had learned in making our first VR drama production, Ctrl, we explored the do’s and don’ts of VR development and shared what we consider to be the key aspects when creating an immersive story in this medium.

With the majority of the sessions at the event focusing on mobile VR games, we were pleased to offer an insight into a growing area of the industry - VR film. We hope to see this area expand as rapidly as other areas of VR + AR, so that companies continue to learn and experiment with the best way to tell stories in the immersive 360 space.

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