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As part of London Design Week, Breaking Fourth were invited to present at the This Happened London in the V&A. The theme of the event was "How are artists using VR? How does their approach to 'making process' and 'co-authorship' compare to tech manufacturers and design agencies?” which gave us the opportunity to showcase our VR drama Ctrl, and discuss how we took influence from the theatre to help create the world’s first long-form drama in virtual reality.

As VR is such a new medium, many VR companies are experimenting with different approaches to production in VR. In the presentation, our CTO Pete Short, also spoke about the technological limitations that arise from designing virtual reality content for mobile devices.

Being able to show Ctrl in one of London’s most prestigious design institutions was a privilege and we were delighted to be able to share our thoughts and learnings on the design process for virtual reality. This event continues along the design theme as earlier in the year, Ctrl was nominated for a Wired Audi Award for Innovation in Experience Design.


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