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Breaking Fourth - The Opening Act

Who we are​

​At Breaking Fourth, we are passionate about theatre and video games. We combine the narrative techniques and expertise from the classical world of theatre with new cutting-edge technology - Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is rapidly becoming the new medium for entertainment. Affordable consumer versions of the hardware will be reaching the shelves in early 2016. How VR will be received still remains to be seen and its success will be dictated by those who create the best content. Rules for creating entertainment have to be rewritten. Directors and producers will need to rethink techniques that were once the staples of their industry: with the audience immersed in a 360 degree world, they take over control of the experience. Theatre often faces similar challenges and has already started exploring how to create a truly immersive experience where the audience are active participants. Playwrights and directors can apply their talents to brand-new fully immersive CGI worlds for the first time. We are re-imagining theatre and bringing never-seen-before experiences to brand new audiences around the world.

The story so far...

Since January 2015, we have been working closely with established theatre directors and playwrights in Central London to develop the first plays for Virtual Reality theatre. Using a mix of live action motion capture and CGI, talented actors and voice actors take centre-stage in fantasy worlds. The first play Checkmate, is based on the game Urja developed by founder David Kaskel and it will be released in the first half of 2016, alongside the consumer release of the VR headsets. All of our team has extensive experience in game development, animation and storytelling. ​​

Rehearsal time is nearly over - get ready for the main performance.


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