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You are invited to the final round of a VR e-sports tournament. From front row seats, you watch Liam, a talented young gamer and clear underdog, compete for the grand prize. Spurred on by the sneering hosts, Liam defeats each level in record time. But with victory in sight, Liam’s home life begins to interfere with his gameplay. As time runs out, you learn what it is that Liam is really fighting for.

Eleanor is an renowned children’s author and illustrator. She is in a coma after a car accident caused by an episode of her late-stage dementia. Before Eleanor is taken off life support, her daughter Astra is given the chance to undertake an experimental treatment that will allow her to enter Eleanor’s mind, for one last goodbye….


Astra’s presence triggers a surprising reaction. Eleanor’s mind comes to life, transporting Astra to the magical world of her famous book series. As Astra explores, she discovers the distressing truth behind her mother’s accident.

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