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Lead Developer

Richard Copperwaite


Jerome Rodgers-Blake

Craig McMullen


Alexander Parsons

Audio Director

Tom Bible

Sound designer

Joe Greig

Audio Assistant

Joe Foulds

Art Director

Matt Saunders

Environment Artist

Andrew Madden

Character Artist

Carlo Bautista

Neuroscience Consultants

Matt Evans

Velicia Bachtiar



Jaleh Alp


Nicky Goldie

Dr Reever

Peter Landi


Pete Short

Created by

David Kaskel

Performance Director

Sam Peter-Jackson


Islay Bell-Webb

Executive Producers

David Kaskel
Kenneth Henderson

Associate Producer

Nathan Miller




At the age of eight I was told that my grandfather had been diagnosed with dementia. At the time, I was unable to comprehend what that meant - to me he was still the same lovable, quirky man that I had always known. It took me another 20 years to fully understand what had occurred and the pain my family had gone through. Lucid was an opportunity to shed some light on the subject and find a glimmer of hope in a tragic situation.


Virtual Reality is like dreaming. You find yourself immersed in an unfamiliar world. With Lucid, I wanted the audience to truly see the world through the eyes of a dreamer. They are invited into Eleanor’s most intimate thoughts and feelings. They are invited to experience the beauty of a powerful, creative imagination, but at the same time, face the horror of an incurable disease.


-- Director, Pete Short


Non-interactive, seated


18 minutes

Regular Pricing: 




Release date:



Breaking Fourth

Plot description: 

Eleanor is an renowned children’s author and illustrator. She is in a coma after a car accident caused by an episode of her late-stage dementia. Before Eleanor is taken off life support, her daughter Astra is given the chance to undertake an experimental treatment that will allow her to enter Eleanor’s mind, for one last goodbye….


Astra’s presence triggers a surprising reaction. Eleanor’s mind comes to life, transporting Astra to the magical world of her famous book series. As Astra explores, she discovers the distressing truth behind her mother’s accident.

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