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VR Development

Richard Copperwaite

Pete Short


Aiden Young

Original Music

Nathan Miller

Sound Design

Chris Timpson

Sound Recording

Adam Helal, 2020 Audio

3D Environment Artist

Aleksejs "Sharur" Tjagnirjadko

Gabro Media

Character Modelling & Texture Artist

Carlo Bautista

VR Consultant

Alyssia Frankland

VR Assistant

Joshua Slifka




Oliver Mason


Ben Hood

Milo / Venny

Walles Hammonde



David Kaskel

Nathan Miller


Nathan Bryon

Executive Producers

David Kaskel
Kenneth Henderson



‘Since it’s only a matter of time until robots rule over us all, we decided that the smart move was to create a show that would appeal to them. We’ve created an irreverent, quirky, VR buddy-comedy series, starring robots. Bro Bots is a cop show, inspired by old-school cartoons. Working in a nascent industry means that we spend a lot of time thinking about the future: what will be different, but also the unexpected patterns and repetitions of history. This episode came about when we started talking about whether robots can be intentionally funny, and features not one but two wannabe robot stand up comedians. Working in virtual reality provides us with a unique opportunity to take audiences into a futuristic world and get up close to some real living breathing robots.’


Non-interactive, seated


10 minutes

Regular Pricing: 




Release date:



Breaking Fourth

Plot description: 

In the not-so-distant future, robots are everywhere. They talk like us. They walk like us. And they have really big personalities. Two British robots – Otis and Roberto – arrive in New York and join the NYPD.


When he’s not solving crimes and disposing bombs for the NYPD, Otis is a culture vulture. He prides himself on his impeccable taste and stylish appearance. Roberto is an ex-military man, who likes the simple things in life. If he could drink he’d always have a beer in his hand. But they are best friends. And arguably the best crime-fighting duo that the city has ever seen.

In Bro Bots Go Underground, Otis and Roberto are called to investigate a bomb threat in a subway station. When they discover an unconscious woman on a train, things start to spiral out of control. Over the intercom, an ex candy-seller frustrated at losing his job to a charismatic vending machine, threatens to kill them both. Is this going to be the Bro Bots’ last mission?

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